Spring Classic 2017: May 26th, Furry Creek. Are You Ready?


Spring Classic & Lafarge Celebrate Tournament Quinquennial!

The NSWC Spring Classic turns five this year and celebrates its fifth year with Title Sponsor, Lafarge. “The Classic has become an event that people look forward to every year,” says Steve Jennings, Spring Classic’s new Co-chair. “Lafarge has been an amazing partner in establishing the foundation for this legacy event.”

 “Supporting the community that we spend so much time in and that plays such a significant role in shaping our children’s lives is important,” says David Beaupre, Vice President, Lafarge. “For me personally, I really enjoy meeting new members and of course, it’s been a treat to golf alongside NSWC Alumni.”

The Spring Classic’s goal for 2017 is to purchase video recording and assessment equipment; tournament software; on-ice training equipment; and bench white boards (dependent on funds raised). This year, 25% of funds raised will go to Matthew Cochlin’s Warrior Owl Fund to continue his legacy of commitment to family and community.

$175/pp (transportation + lunch + dinner + prizes & more): Register @ NSWC Front Desk or Gametime